Hello friends, thank you for coming!

I appreciate you stepping into my world, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This blog is essentially a place to let my travel dreams flow into the public eye, through words and pictures. Here, you will be seeing posts about places I’ve been, or places I want to visit.

Occasionally, I will throw in some travel tips, direct you towards other travel blogs I follow, or show you a cool video. I’m from Chicaaaago (yes, that is my Chicago accent right there), and although I love my city, I need to experience the rest of the world. My first step was trekking it out 15 hours to Colorado, but my journey won’t stop there.

With each post I make, I hope to inspire others to want to travel as well. I legitimately feel sorry for people who stay in one place their entire life.

Matt Costa says it best in his song “The Road”:

“We cling to our tried and true, and ya know we’re creatures of comfort and we find our patterns and stick to what we know best, but there’s a big wide and beautiful world out there and for those that want it, it’s out there.”